Welcome to my website!

Dear Friends,

I am Jana Anna — a medium, a psychic, a channel, a healer, and a life coach.

Most simply, my work is to provide avenues for healing. Through intuitive readings I use my gifts to channel energy to heal the places in you that feel separate, alone, lost, ill, afraid, disempowered, unloved, lonely, powerless, addicted, isolated, unsure, tired, numb, depressed, or stuck. Our natural state is one of healthy loving wholeness. My purpose through this work is to help restore us to this natural state, and consciously connect us to the healing power of our Souls.

Growing into this work has been a blessed journey for me. I am more alive now than I ever could have imagined. My fear of death and of change has diminished; my appreciation for life has grown. I welcome all that life has for me. It is all experience orchestrated by a beneficent force of love. What can go wrong? This work reminds me that there is no wrong or right, there is only experience.

It would be my honor to work with you, to allow Love to reach through me and heal all unlike itself. Contact me with any questions or to schedule a reading.

May you be blessed.