Gifts that I offer

Here is what I offer. If any of these tools/gifts can contribute to your life and the flow of greater ease, joy, and vitality in your body; let me know.

♥      Connection to loved ones on the other side

♥    Transmitting wisdom from your Soul/Spiritual Entourage

♥      Tuning in to those still in physical form for a broader perspective

♥      Insights into your body and transmitted suggestions for better health

♥      Practices to do on your own to strengthen a deeper connection to your heart

♥      Incredible life-shifting energy, which facilitates change

♥      Powerful in person energy session applied to the body while receiving a connective transmission (for those in the Bloomington area)

The possibilities available for you in a session

If you are feeling isolated or alone, a session can facilitate and strengthen a greater connection to the non-physical reality of you–your guides, teachers, loved ones and the grander perspective of You through the Eyes of Source Energy.

If you feel stuck or unsure of how to proceed, a session can provide insights and wisdom while generating a greater flow of confidence.

If your body doesn’t seem to be cooperating with your desires for vitality, I can scan it and offer energies and tools for facilitating greater well-being.

Let us see what we can do together to create a stronger alignment to the Powerhouse that is You!