My Background

The journey that has brought me to this work has been rich and varied. My career began as an energetic body worker and massage therapist, receiving my certification in Massage Therapy in 1986. Early on in my career I recognized that during massage my hands received guidance from the realm of Spirit. These Spirit guides enhanced my ability to acutely tune to a clients body and focus on the physical vulnerabilities that needed to be healed.

This profound healing body work was augmented in 2001 with certification in Personal Life Coaching and Workshop Leadership in the philosophies of Louise Hay. The foundation of this philosophy is that our capacity to love others is directly proportionate to our capacity to love ourselves, and it is from the power of self-love that we create our heart’s desire. For the next several years, I organized and facilitated workshops integrating this new training with channeled material on self-empowerment and self-love. The combination is extraordinarily powerful in assisting clients to identify and break the self-limiting patterns the block them from achieving their dreams and reaching their highest potential.

Increasingly my massage work combines my abilities as a medium connecting clients to their friends and loved ones in Spirit, my gifts as a healer in serving as a conduit for powerful healing energies, and my skill as a life coach, offering practical information to strengthen the physical and emotional body.