My Philosophy

Over the past many years, I have come to understand that while most people perceive a gap between the physical and the spiritual world, this is an illusion. Rather than two distinct realms, “life” and “death,” there are different energetic densities created by the frequency of vibrations – the physical world has material substance due to its slower vibrations; the world of spirit has no material substance, no density.

The separateness people experience between the “living” and the “dead”, then, is the illusion created by different vibrational frequencies, different energetic densities. Taking this further, since energy cannot be created or destroyed, it follows that death, as we understand it, is also an illusion. Rather than seeing death as the ending, the finality, death becomes a transformation, a refocusing from the dense physical form of body to a lighter, energetic spirited form. Thus, no one “dies” per se; there is no finality. Given there is only the Oneness, there is only transformation, literally, a change of form.  My work bridges this illusory gap revealing the truth that there is only One world, the world of Spirit.

My work as a channel connects people in this world to a greater and grander version of who they are. Through my work, I am able to stand in the veil, bridge the gap between these varying vibrations and connect you to your loved ones that have passed on, as well as your Spiritual guides, teachers, and healers.

Indeed, heaven is here and now. We don’t have to let go of our physical bodies to let ourselves be transformed. Let my work change you. Refocus now. Fall in love with your life, and live heaven on earth.