An intuitive reading can bring transformative insight and profound healing into your life. During the course of an intuitive reading, I draw on my gifts and abilities to help you focus, open your heart, deepen a connection with your spiritual guides and connect with deceased loved ones.

What we believe about ourselves and the world reflects, creates and attracts our experiences. These beliefs are formed at an early age and often are founded in fear rather than love. We think these beliefs are who we are and, thus, we behave accordingly. We may settle for mediocre and become accustomed to not feeling well, to not having satisfying relationships, to not living prosperously.

Our Higher Soul Self wants something better for us. It is through intuitive guidance that one becomes aware of these false beliefs about love and self-worth.

Let me lend an intuitive ear, listen to the messages from Spirit and bring these patterns to your attention, into your awareness. Change is possible only when you can step outside of habit and see another way.


Individual readings last from 15 - 60 minutes, during which I serve as a medium, a psychic, a channel, a healer and a life coach. These terms are defined below.

MEDIUM – a person through whom the spirits of the “dead” are able to contact the living
PSYCHIC – a person who is sensitive to psychic influences or forces
CHANNEL – a person who serves as a medium for a spirit guide
HEALER – a person who assists a person to a healthy, whole, or sound life; restore to health; free from ailment
LIFE COACH – an advisor who helps people with practical solutions to problems, decisions, and goal attainment in daily life

Intuitive Services


Intuitive Medium

The core of my work is as an intuitive medium and channel. As a medium, I serve as the bridge to your non-physical support system of guides, teachers, healers, angels, family members, and loved ones on the other side. I hear them; I see them; I feel them.

During an intuitive reading, images, sensations, and feelings come to me and I describe your loved ones and friends in as much detail as possible. I share all this with you as it comes to me, confirming their presence and connecting you to them. My goal is for you to feel them and know that you are not alone.

The messages I receive from your spiritual entourage of guides, teachers and healers, give you a greater understanding of your life from an expanded perspective. This “behind the scenes” look into the patterns that create your life expands your insights about your relationships, your career, your finances and the health of your physical body.

I am also able to “tune in” and connect to people present in your physical life, expanding your perspective to include theirs.

Remote Healing and Physical Body Scan

Throughout the course of an Intuitive Reading session, you are being assisted by spirited healers to release imbalances and restore your physical and emotional bodies towards optimum health. This is done in conjunction with what has been revealed. Part of each session will help you to gain insights about your body as I intuitively scan it from toe to head. Your body is constantly communicating to you. My ability is to listen on your behalf and identify areas that may be challenging you and asking for your assistance. You deserve to feel good.

Life Coaching

Be guided with practical information to strengthen your physical and emotional health. Spirit draws upon the knowledge I have compiled and the training I’ve received to offer you nutritional guidance and coaching techniques to empower your life.


Preparing for a reading is simple. To prepare for your session, I suggest the following:

  1. Contact me to schedule your appointment.

  2. It is helpful if you choose a time that will allow you to relax quietly when the session is complete. There are powerful spirited healers that work with you during and after the session and having time to reflect and sit with all that you received helps deep healing to occur.
  3. Whether you would like to connect to people in Spirit or in your physical life, give them a “heads-up” and ask for their willingness to be contacted. If you have questions about your life, your body, your relationships or for family and friends who have passed on, write them down and bring them to the session. The questions help focus your intention.
  4. Clients have found it useful to have a paper and pen ready for the readings. Sometimes messages you receive during the session are not immediately integrated and have additional meaning later on. If you wish to have a recording of the Intuitive Reading session, I am equipped to do this for you.
  5. Be open-minded and as receptive as possible. The images I receive are appropriate to your life and connection with those in spirit. It is up to you to interpret much of the messages and images.
  6. Finally, drink plenty of water after the session, and know that changes are taking place for your highest good. The key to healing is to be open to change.
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