The reading was very meaningful to me and my family. It really resonated, putting some things in a more restful space, while evoking new ways to see loved ones and our relationships. I shared it with my brother, who had a very strong sympathetic reaction. I think it will be one of the many touchstones along the way as we ponder our family dramas and joys. I thank you deeply from my heart.”

Mark B

Bloomington, IN

What a gift Jana has, and what a gift her reading was for me! She is clearly a channel for healing and blessing and her mediumship is remarkable. There was no doubt that she was delivering messages from dear ones who have passed over; the details were so clear and perfect. Jana’s guidance about my health and family issues was invaluable. I’m glad I took notes because a week later I am still pondering and coming to new understanding. I am careful about recommending people who do this work, so it is no small thing that I recommend Jana. Brightest Blessings!

Nan B

Indianapolis, IN

The heaviness in my heart has lifted and I feel a new sense of inner peace that I have longed for. I am grateful for the new path that is now much clearer for me as a result of connecting with my Grandmother, Aunt and sweet Chloe dog. The attachments that brought suffering before now are the seeds for self-acceptance and love. I feel a new sense of wholeness within as a result of my session with Jana. The session has changed my life and I am blessed to be in presence with such a genuine, heart-centered and gifted healer. Thank you.

Carolyn M

Bloomington, IN

Over the years I have had the privilege of receiving readings from psychics and channels all over the world. Almost all have been helpful, but none can compare to Jana. She has exceptional clarity and every word rings with authenticity and wisdom.

Janine S

Ph.D., San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

At least we don’t have to worry about death anymore! :-))

Mark Z.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I reflect on the insights you shared with me many times throughout the day. The reading has given me more clarity in taking better care of myself…..spa day, walks, pampering myself. Thank you.

Kiana K.

Kapaa, HI

Jana’s ability to not only hear my loved ones from this lifetime, but to feel and describe their personalities was very reassuring and helpful to me. Additionally, Jana was able to pick up information about a loved one from a former life.

Cinda C.

Therapist, Minister, Grief Counselor, Portland, OR

I am still processing all that we spoke about. The information you brought forward about my mom has been so freeing. You were able to communicate to me on a deeper level and in a way that I really heard you. My mom, my childhood, and my inner child have been in my awareness since our session. It was truly a life-changing experience.

Nicolle H.

Bend, OR

I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you do and what you gave me with my loved ones, spirits, guides. The next day I wrote that “I feel I have a mantle of love embracing and enfolding me” and it is an amazing feeling. I am so very grateful to you for the experience…


San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I have been thinking constantly about the insights and guidance you helped bring to me. It was such a clear and perfect combination of advice and perspective. I have ceased to feel pain and grief for my friend because I was reminded that he is not gone, only changed.

Aniko B.

I was connected with the spirit of my mother and other family members who passed over long ago. Jana has helped open a new world of understanding of my life I could not have had in any other way.

Pat H.

Bloomington, IN

The biggest impact I feel is that there is no longer a split for me. I now experience myself in both worlds…it is a wonderfully spacious feeling. Thank you for your very big part in that.way.

Kathryn W.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Thanks, Jana, I am enjoying the sense of wholeness and continuity that connecting with my grandmother and great-grandmother has brought.

Hayden S.

New York, NY

It was a pleasure working with you and such a surprise at who was waiting to talk to me. It is very comforting to know that ones loved ones are well and are still there for you. Thank you so much.

Robert W.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

It was one of the single greatest gift’s I’ve ever received, to be in this world and connect so clearly with all that surrounds us. Amazing. Thank you.

Danielle B.

Los Angeles, CA

I feel much clearer and free from the attachments that were causing me suffering. I feel energetically freer and stronger within myself. It is as if the air is clearing around me and I have a greater sense of the solidity of myself and a sense of wonder and curiosity in the unfolding story of my life, as well as a deeper sense of unity within.

Pam M.

San Diego, CA

I just wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me first part of March. It has been amazing how things have shifted, and the ties that have held me back seem to be dissolving at a rapid rate. Amazing how life seems to open up when thoughts and beliefs from childhood are released; they were never true in the first place! Things are so open.

Luci S


Thank you again for an amazing session!!!! My experience the rest of the day was one of tremendous peace, enthusiasm, and joy all at the same time. Also, I noticed that I liked looking at myself when I looked in the mirror. I liked the way I looked, which I have not in the past. That felt very good. I am accepting and loving myself for who I am! Thank You SO much!

A Usher

St. Louis

I had never had the experience of someone who could open the path for me to be able to communicate with my loved ones who have passed. What a blessing this experience has been!

Bonita S.

Indianapolis, IN

Jana brings a genuineness and accessibility to her consultations that helped me feel at ease, I asked those questions that arose in me as she ushered the presence of my loved ones back into my life. She listened to me so well and brought through in words and symbols the real essence of my husband, grandfather, and mother. I know that she received them equally as well as she received me! She has a rare gift and carries it without pretenses.

Adela W.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Your reading has changed my life!!.

Sheri P.

Los Angeles, CA

Your session was remarkable. I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I feel my grandmother’s near all the time now.

Angie M.

Austin, TX

I was left with many things to think about after our session and I have felt excitement and hope as a result.

Rosemary S.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I am doing great. I really did feel that energy working in my heart all day – a definite shift has happened. I have been sharing my session with you with my friends. It was a wonderful, healing experience for me.

Jennifer M.

Austin, TX

Thank you for such a wonderful session yesterday. I cried, but it was a happy cry to learn and know that both my Mom and Dad are happy and together AND that they are around me. It was just a great session…thanks again 🙂

Kim C.

Terre Haute, IN