What is a Reading?

An intuitive reading can bring transformative insight and profound healing into your life. During the course of an intuitive reading, I draw on my gifts and abilities to help you focus, open your heart, deepen a connection with your spiritual guides and connect with deceased loved ones.

What we believe about ourselves and the world reflects, creates and attracts our experiences. These beliefs are formed at an early age and often are founded in fear rather than love. We think these beliefs are who we are and, thus, we behave accordingly. We may settle for mediocre and become accustomed to not feeling well, to not having satisfying relationships, to not living prosperously.

Our Higher Soul Self wants something better for us. It is through intuitive guidance that one becomes aware of these false beliefs about love and self-worth.

Let me lend an intuitive ear, listen to the messages from Spirit and bring these patterns to your attention, into your awareness. Change is possible only when you can step outside of habit and see another way.